3G Router ECL-3G

/3G Router ECL-3G

3G Mobile Router

ECL-RTR 3G router is supplied in a robust aluminium housing and function at a wider range of temperatures.
It supports DNS, NAT, NTP, VRRP, DHCP Server/Client, TFTP Server, Open VPN, IPsec. It has hardware watchdog. As an ethernet device can directly be connected to ECL-RTR, optionally devices having RS232/RS485 can be connected to ECL-RTR through a second optional interface. It has been designed with analogue inputs and digital in- and outputs, making it suitable for industrial machine communication applications. IoT applications can be developed using its Linux platform. ECL-RTR routers offer a rugged and efficient network.
ECL-RTR 3G enabling speeds up to 7.2 Mbps for downlink and 5.76 Mbps for uplink, offers an ideal solution for the challenging requirements of high bandwidth mobile computing, video security solutions, medical equipment, payment systems and gateway routers.
An integral firewall, IPsec and VPN transmission technologies provide applications with comprehensive protection. Simple, user-friendly configuration of the routers using the integral Web server or an XML file can be carried out both locally and remotely

Teknik Özellikler



  • Boyut : 103 x 107 x 56 mm
  • Ağırlık : ~300 gram
  • DIN ve Duvar Montaj
  • Mühürlenebilir Kapak
  • -20 … +70°C çalışma sıcaklığı
  • DNS
  • NAT
  • NTP
  • VRRP
  • DHCP Server/Client
  • TFTP Server
  • Open VPN
  • IPv4, Ipv6, Static Routes IPv4/IPv6
  • Gözcü Donanım
  • Alan Adları
  • Zone management
  • Port Forward
  • Traffic Rules
  • Custom Rules
  • 3G Arayüz: UMTS, GPRS, CDMA/EV-DO
  • Ethernet Arayüzü
  • Bağlantı Arayüzü
  • Zone management
  • Zone Management
  • Port Forward
  • Traffic Rules
  • Custom Rules
  • GSM 07.07, GSM 07.05, GSM 03.40, GSM 04.11, GSM 03.38, GSM 11.10-1,
  • GSM 02.30, GSM 03.90, GSM 11.14, ITU-T V.25ter, SMG31, GSM 05.02, ETSI 07.60, ETSI 0.7.07